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Perfectly Imperfect by Dani Nicole Rossi

Perfectly Imperfect by Dani Nicole Rossi

Let’s face reality head on; NO ONE IS PERFECT, nope, not one. That means everyone in the fitness world, in magazines, in movies and on t.v. screw up just like you and me! No one eats clean one hundred percent of the time and those who claim to, are big fat liars. Messing up, making mistakes and just plain SCREWING UP is part of life, if we never made mistakes, we would never grow, we would never get stronger and we would never achieve greatness. Something as simple as messing up on a diet or with a meal plan is going to happen, that’s a given, it’s in our nature; the problem comes from one simple emotion that evokes hundreds of others, and that is: GUILT.  Feeling ashamed and guilty of messing up and being human is NOT okay.  That is where feelings of losing, feeling defeated, letting a mistake ruin your day, spiraling mistakes with food and exercise happen.  This can lead to negative outlooks on food, negative self-talk, negative behaviors that prevent us from just GETTING BACK ON THE HORSE, so-to-speak. Negative, negative, negative. No combined negatives equal positives when it comes to mindset and behavior.

We’ve ALL been there, and chances are we all will still revert back to at least a line of negative thinking when we screw up. Why is it in our nature to expect nothing but perfection from ourselves? Why is it, that messing up is part of who we are yet, we expect ourselves to perform day in and day out as robots?

Okay. Now that we got the fact that anyone we have ever looked up to has messed up like us, where do we go from here? We, wait for it… MOVE ON. We ENJOY the mistake, since we’ve already made the decision to indulge, and we move onto the next meal by staying on track. Yes, I’m telling you to ENJOY making your mistake, knowing you will do your utmost not to make the same one again, you own that mistake, you take it all in, enjoy every bite or sip, and then, instead of ruining the rest of your beautiful day, and then you pick yourself up mentally.  This can go for ANY mistake, not just with eating, but with skipping workouts and playing hooky with work or whatever the case may be.  The absolute worst thing you can do, after you’ve deliberately made the decision to go “off-plan” is to feel bad and guilty AS you’re indulging. Not only are you ruining your experience, you are making the deliberate choice to invoke negative feelings that cause the above mentioned!

In conclusion, you WILL make mistakes, but the beauty in that is that you can OWN it, you can ‘fess up to it, you can admit you are human, and you can ENJOY the experience, enjoy the moment, and then you can MOVE ON. You don’t have to ruin your whole day, or your whole week by messing up at one meal. One meal is a blip in time, a moment you can say, “yea I had that cake and it was DAMN GOOD!” Mentality is everything, and I guarantee that you will be a HAPPIER person acknowledging you messed up and you didn’t let that discourage you. Pursuing perfection doesn’t make you happy, but making improvements, learning from your mistakes, and NOT falling into a spiral of mistakes, one after the other, will help with a positive outlook. And THAT is what successful people are made of. THAT is what gets people to achieve their goals, not whining and crying over a blip in time where you were HUMAN.

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